Badladz Beach Resort

Badladz Beach Resort is known as a very good place to stay in Puerto Galera. This is located at small Tinay Beach, there are no other hotels / resorts – so basically you have the whole beach place as your own. It offers a pristine provincial experience: local fishermen are still active in their craft, so you’ll have the opportunity to have fresh seafood on your table.

Their service is good and staff are happy. Another one of their attractions is the mexican food that they serve. this is one of their crafts and  it truly brings out the sting for your vacation in Puerto Galera. The rates are very good for the place and the mood is always set for a sincere vacation.


Amenities and Special Attractions of Badladz Beach Resort

This resort has more than 15 years of helping holiday seekers find their joy! This is an all in one resort if you want to have a full experience of Puerto Galera. Enjoy water sports, team building activities, and a lot more. The strategic place is such a joy for those that love a pristine getaway – but has a lot to offer if you want an adventure. The place in small Tabinay is almost private and will be perfect for family, friends and loved ones.

Here are some of the facilities and amenities of Badladz Beach Resort:

  • Mexican Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Cottages, umbrellas
  • Air-conditioned Rooms
  • Packages and Special promos / tours
  • Very good swimming pool
  • Fully furnished apartments are available
  • Pristine place
  • water sports: jet ski, banana boat, kayak
  • scuba diving
  • karting, firing range, golf
  • team building activities

Contact details and Address

Name of Resort: Badladz Beach Resort

Location Address: Small Tabinay Beach, Puerto Galera, 5200 Oriental Mindoro

Phone Numbers: (043) 287 3693 ; | +63 939 914 8819 | +63 43 287 3693

Email Address: info @ badladz . com


PHOTO Gallery

Badladz Beach Resort activities


Badladz Beach Resort corals


Badladz Beach Resort events


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