Cocktail Divers

Cocktail Divers! This is a scuba diving resort operated in the Philippines, and operate in Puerto Galera alongside their sister company, the Garden of Eden Resort. This dive resort offers guided trip to the 25 prime diving spots of the area. The sites are comfortably 5 meters to 40 meters deep. These sites are also just 15 to 20 minutes away – very convenient. Even the reef at the front of the dive shop is already a beautiful site to visit.

As a background, Puerto Galera has a great diversity for its marine life. There are about 800 species of corals, very colorful and quite a sight to see. A once in a lifetime experience. These are ideal for photo shoots and macro photographers who want to grab a nice image of the different critters of the ocean. Marine biologists are often kept in awe for every trip and new species are also identified in the Verde passage – one of the most visited places near the area.

Other interesting species are the batfish, angelfish, wrasses and butterfly fish. Other organisms dwelling among the corals will give you the thrill for your trip. Other exquisite and exotic species can also be spotted, eels, gobies, frogfish and pipefish.  Sharks, Barracudas, stingrays are also a sight to remember and a popular sighting around the prime spots.

The water temperature is just right at 26 to 29 degrees. With the shop’s experience and guidance, the sites are professionally selected depending on the weather and the characteristic of the tide. This is part of the services offered by the shop for safety. Beginners are also provided with the most pristine and stable sites. These guidance give you the confidence to enjoy your dives.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact the resort owners and administrators.


PHOTO Gallery

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scuba diving philippines cocktail divers puerto galerascuba diving philippines cocktail divers puerto galerascuba diving philippines cocktail divers puerto galera

Amenities and Special Attractions of Cocktail Divers


Here are some of the facilities and amenities of Cocktail Divers:

  • Diving School
  • Diving Courses
  • Day Trips
  • Whale Shark Watching
  • Wreck Diving
  • Dive with Dolphins
  • Mix Tours
  • Resort care of Garden of Eden

Cocktail Divers Rates

For an accurate information of rates, amenities and reservations, please contact the resort administrator.


Entrance Fees:

Standard Room Rates:

Deluxe Room Rates

12 hour rental:


Contact details and Address

Name of Resort: Cocktail Divers

Location Address: Sabang, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Phone Numbers: 0063/917/8126625


Email address: ;


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The pictures and rates are form the official website of Cocktail Divers.

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